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100% safe, non-toxic & healing: Spray externally for wounds, burns, cuts, bites, as a dog hot spot treatment and other irritations. Can be used internally for dogs water bowl or directly into mouth. Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial: Effective against nearly every germ, bacteria, virus or fungus and is more effective than a colloidal silver cream and is simple to apply and can help dog dry skin dogs.

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Gently and effectively, the shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away. Bathe the pets with this glove, which will clean the pet hair easily and give your pets a gentle massage without hurting their skin.

Rotary tool provides a safe, effective, less stressful alternative to clipping Two rotation speeds let you safely and carefully grind nails in stages. Battery-powered device uses a 60-grit sanding drum to comfortably trim toenails in a manner that is designed to be harmless and humane Cordless operation for optimum control. In order to insert the bit into the tool, the user must first unscrew the top in order for the collect to expand, and then tighten the top to secure the bit. Compatible with an array of Dremel sanding drums and bands, Two speeds 6,500 and 13,000 RPM to match the proper speed required Backed by a two-year warranty, 3-Hour Battery Charger, 755-01 4.8V Battery In order to insert the bit into the tool, the user must first unscrew the top in order for the collect to expand, and once the bit is inserted, the user would then tighten the top to secure the bit.



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Petrodex Enzymatic

Toothpaste for Dogs

Helps restore dogs ears to healthy condition in 7-10 days. EcoEars clears the ear problems fast and leaves the ears fresh and clean. Just fill the ear canal and gently massage base of your dogs ear. Includes no pharmaceuticals, synthetic chemicals, hydrocortisone (steroids), solvents or antibiotics. Great for sensitive ears! If you see signs of dirt, irritation, itching, bad odor or discharge, EcoEars will help. washing away pathogens, grime and most other common invaders in dog's ears. Also helps to eliminate wax buildup, inflammation and redness. If you include EcoEars in your weekly grooming routine, and after water activities, you will help keep your dog’s ears safe and healthy.

Paws & Pals is a premium coat and skin treatment that comes directly to you and your pet without sacrificing vegan and organic principles or quality. The delicate balance of essential oils form the foundation of a veterinarian recommended coat care regimen. The tear free formula is the result of natural oils and extracts that do not irritate or inflame your dog’s eyes or nose, ensuring that bath time is a fun and playful experience for you both.

This brush is very effective at removing loose hair that’s deep in the fur. Only 10 minutes of grooming twice a week will not only reduce your pets loose fur by 95% but also the need to vacuum as frequently. Whipping the blades clean after use and keeping the cover on will aid in the brushes already long longevity.

SENTRY Petrodex Advanced Dental Care Enzymatic Toothpaste is formulated specifically for pets. With patented enzymes, this non-foaming formula works hard but does not require rinsing. With regular use, it helps control plaque and fights bad breath. Best of all, it comes in a delicious poultry flavor that dogs love!




Enzymatic Toothpaste

If your dog or cat has bad breath and red gums it’s because you’re not brushing your pet’s teeth. Denta-sticks work alright for some but nothing is better than brushing. With some patience and the aid of good tasting CET pet tooth paste the Oral Hygiene Toothbrush Kit can be used to brush the outside of your pets teeth. You won’t have to brush the inside of your pets mouth because they do it themselves when they lick the many desirable flavors that CET toothpaste offers.