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Classic Dog Toy

Fetch is one of the best games you could play with your dog to ensure they are getting enough exercise, a tired dog is a good dog. The Chuckit allows anyone to throw a ball with great distance and speed. The special designed grip grabs the ball and the long handle allow you to never have to bend over making pick up a slobbery ball with your hands a thing of the past!

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Hol-ee Roller Ball is a great back yard toy made with a natural durable puncture resistant non-toxic rubber that can come in 3 different chewing intensities and size, Small, Medium and Extreme. Play soccer with your dog for hours without getting your ball shredded!

The Kong toys are made of an extra durable non-toxic puncher resistant rubber that makes a great toy for most dogs, even heavy chewers. The snowman shaped Kong is hollow inside where you can put globs of peanut butter, cream cheese, wet dog food and Greek yogurt. Place the stuffed Kong in the freezer and make tasty frozen lickible toy treat dispenser that is safe to leave your dog home alone with and will keep them entertained for hours. Kong toys can come in 3 levels of chewing intensity, Puppy Kong, Medium Kong and Extreme Kong.




Kong Flyer

Nite Ize®

Flashflight LED

Light Up Flying Discs

Nite Ize®


LED Dog Ball

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Puppy Dog Pet Rope

Toys (Set of 4)

Kong toys are made of an extra durable non-toxic puncher resistant rubber that makes a great toy for most dogs, even heavy chewers. Extreme Flyers are like extremely durable Frisbees that are meant to be gnawed on. The rubber is also softer then hard plastic of normal Frisbees and won’t hurt when it hits their snout or your fingers. Frisbees are a great way to get your dog lots of exercise, a tired dog is a good dog.

This LED dog disc is made of durable puncher resistant plastic and is designed for superior flight. The LEDs illuminate the disc fully from rim to rim cycling through the spectrum. Dog-safe battery cover + Replicable batteries included. NOT A CHEW TOY - This disc is intended for supervised play only

The bright LEDs and Replicable Batteries in this tough rubber ball live under the secure screw top cap which should be checked and tightened regularly. Bounce Activated - Simply bounce once to turn the ball on, auto shut-off with 10 minutes of inactivity. Waterproof/Floats. NOT A CHEW TOY - This ball is intended for supervised play only.

All Dogs love Tug-a-War, Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys are made with non-toxic cotton optimized for dental health and comes in 2 sets, 1 set for small to medium dogs and 1 set for medium to large dogs. Tug-a-War is a great game to exercise both your dog and you! Tug-a-War is also known to help improve a dog’s confidence and drive. Unsupervised play is not recommended. Ropes are not for chewing.


OurPets IQ®

Interactive Food Dispensing

Dog Toy

Fill with your dog’s favorite treats, promoting active and healthy feeding Adjustable feeding difficulty levels continue to challenge your dog as they learn As your dog plays and the rolls the ball, treats will fall out to reward them for being active Twists apart for easy cleaning Ideal for small to medium sized dogs (colors may vary).