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Unique water bottle cap for dogs that is designed to let water out slowly as your dog licks the cap. Dogsport fits most standard water bottles. There are two standard size water bottles: the short neck and the original neck. You just twist your water bottle cap off, and twist DogSport on. If your DogSport doesn’t fit on one size water bottle, twist the blue bottom adapter. DogSports are made with only the highest quality, non-toxic sustainable materials. DogSport has a patent pending dimpled water ball trap technology with controlled water flow. Each DogSport has a ring on the cap for you to attach to your keychain. DogSports are dishwasher safe.

The Ruffwear Palisades Pack enhances multi-day backcountry adventures with features like removable saddlebags, two collapsible hydration bladders, and a cross-load compression system. The modified Web Master Harness frame, ensures load stability and comfortable weight distribution. Four points of attachment securely connect the saddlebags to the harness frame, while five points of adjustment allow for a customizable fit and a full range of motion. The saddlebag attachment system uses aluminum hardware and Hypalon fasteners for a strong and secure connection. It has two leash attachment points: a single-piece, anodized aluminum V-ring and a webbing loop. The padded handle and non-slip girth straps offer good load dispersion for controlled and comfortable lifting and a cross-load compression system secures pack contents. Other features include two 1-liter collapsible, BPA-free hydration bladders, stash pockets and external gear loops. It is recommended that your dog carry no more than twenty five percent of their body weight in their dog pack. If your dog is new to dog packs, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load as your dog gets accustomed to wearing the pack. If you're the kind of adventurer that believes nothing is to good for your favorite child, check out the Ruffwear Palisades Pack.

Material: Plastic; For dogs about over 15 lbs, not for mini pets.


Head elastic band minimum 82mm/3.20", max 170mm/6.63".


Neck around 95-190mm/3.71-7.41" between the pet can be worn.


UV protection and prevention are key to your pet's healthy eyes.


Shatterproof Lens.


Anti-fog is available, protection against UV/wind/water/debri.

When walking 2 dogs it's important for their safety to be able to control each dog when needed. Works great for busy streets and intersections. Feel safe and be seen at night when walking your dogs. reflective dual stitching on front and back of coupler leash. This is a one of a kind strong heavy duty 1 inch wide dual coupler leash with all the features your looking for. Have two dog's that are different heights? No problem, each side of leash can adjust to your dogs height. Made specifically for large and medium dogs. Each coupler leash has a specially designed high quality swivel to keep your dogs from getting tangled up.


Outward Hound®

Port-A-Bowl Collapsible

Food and Water Bowl

Available in 24 & 48-oz sizes.


Folds flat, cleans easily & dries fast.